Here are some links about the music that helps me to think, concentrate my minds and do the science.

I use usually Ubuntu Linux latest LTS-version or its derivates and command-line mediaplayer called MPlayer. I also use bash aliases to quickly run the music over internet.

As the internet is subject to change - do not expect, that all of these links will work. Sometimes radiostations change their broadcasting URLs and therefore the following links may not work. Then you are free to check yourself the correct address from the radiostation's website or search the website itself. Even if the links are on the radiostation's website, they may not work.

I usually use ~/.bash_aliases file:

# ambient
alias somafm-dronezone='mplayer -playlist' #
alias somafm-spacestation='mplayer -playlist' #
alias somafm-deepspace='mplayer -playlist' #
alias somafm-groovesalad='mplayer -playlist' #
alias somafm-missioncontrol='mplayer -playlist' #
alias hbr1='mplayer -playlist' #
alias sleepbot='mplayer -playlist' #
alias skyfm_ambient='mplayer -playlist' #
#alias majorursa='mplayer -playlist' #
alias bluemars='mplayer -playlist' #
alias cryosleep='mplayer -playlist' #
alias voices-from-within='mplayer -playlist' #
#alias bouldernet='mplayer -playlist' #
alias meditationfm='mplayer -playlist' #
alias clearmindradio='mplayer -playlist' #
alias intentionradio='mplayer -playlist' #
alias gaia='mplayer -playlist' #

I use usually CTRL+ALT+T shortcut key to launch terminal window and then I can use previously described aliases to run appropriate radiostation. After setting up bash aliases you need to close all instances of terminal (or relogin if you run pure CLI) in order to use aliases.