Edmund Laugasson was during 2012-2019 a doctoral student at the Tallinn University, Estonia. Not yet graduated but still working on dissertation in addition of other duties.

Born in 1976, he is expert in free software field - especially installing and configuring GNU/Linux and its applications, hardening security and safety but not only - also MS Windows, macOS are in toolbox. Also he holds master degree in teacher of informatics and has teaching experience since year 1999 autumn and also being system administrator. He is also concerned about the proper use of the Estonian language in information technology and expert in LibreOffice usage and transition.

His main focus of research is targeted in public sector and is focusing on recognizing technology choosing factors (Kahneman's system1/system2 thinking) and determining factors that influences information technology availability equally freely to everyone regardless of richness or poverty. Less interest goes also other ethical and social issues of ICT (interoperability, information society, e-safety, security, licensing, etc). He holds master degree in teacher of informatics from Tartu University and is founding and board member of ALVATAL (Estonian Free and Open-Source Software Association), board member of NETICS (Network of Estonian Teachers of Informatics and Computer Science), supporting member of EPSFUG (European Parliament Free Software User Group), member of The Document Foundation, and member of Estonian CIO Club. He is consulting also number of educational institutions in Estonia about transition from proprietary to free software and its security and also Google Apps EDU solutions.

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